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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 13, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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until tomorrow. jonathan: this was the first cold snap of the season and technically winter hasn't started yet. alison: hard to believe that. we begin with the chief meteorologist bill kelly and the forecast. bill: good afternoon, everybody. i want to start out showing what the lows were this morning. d.c. got down to 23. frederick 21. these are not record levels, they a generally in the mid-to-low teens but they are down there and below normal. we talk about the feels like temperature. winds were blowing around. this is a look at what it was at 7:00. widespread temperatures in the single digits. we had a 9 degree reading in d.c. 8 for the low in terms of the wind chill temperature. 8 in leesburg. 2 degrees at 7:00 in the morning at winchester. now temperatures rebound. there are spots that look at the air temperature and it's slightly above freezing. wind chills are lower than that. the next story is not a huge one but we are tracking a little bit of snow back to the west. temperatures are cold enough that we will see flakes flying around. we are looking at that. i wil
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it was a bitter start. many of you were out and about. hopefully layered up. brianne carter, what were people's reaction when you were out talking to them? brianne: well, surprisingly, we actually found some folks that were out and about. some in shorts. an hour ago a man out here running with no shirt. some saying they were enjoying the dip in temperatures. but the one complaint we heard over and over from folks today all about the wind. you mentioned it earlier this morning. many talk about that, how it was a bitting wind walking out the door this morning. if the wind is gusty and cuts through you. especially as you are not in the sun and the sun starts to go down. we know folks have no choice but to be out in the cold. we found people braving the breezes. they know how to prepare and buckle up, workers said mother nature is still making it hard for a day's work. >> it's
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brianne: so the entire time we were talking to him, he is wiping away tears from the glasses underneath because he said it was just cutting right through him. that has been what we have heard throughout the day today. now we did find folks who say this is something they look forward to. we have more on that coming up at 5:00. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. nancy: i want to hear from those people. if you weren't miserable, that's because you were prepared. don't be caught by a surprise. download the weather app to tap in to the update and the alerts based on the location from google play and the app store. this is a bizarre rampage on route 28 in virginia. a man there running around neighborhood. banging on cars. trying to get in a truck. he is now in the hospital. we want to warn you. part of the story may not be suitable for the young ears. richard reeve has an update. you spoke with a woman who saw it all up close. richard: yeah. bo
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nina johns on the way home from doing errands on route 28; beginning of rush hour 3:30 this afternoon. busy on the roadway. she sees a man walking in the middle of the road. she thinks there is an accident, so she pulled over. then it got really complicated. that is the man there. 32-year-old jose gonzalez flores from sterling running in the middle of traffic on southbound 28. now the roadway already busy with the rush hour traffic. turned outs moments before flores rammed his pickup in two other vehicles. he punches another driver, a trucker through his window. throws stuff out of his own pickup, including a bicycle. at one point he even starts praying. he runs over to the guardrail and johns is wondering what on early is going on? >> i think he is going to get back in his truck. instead he climbs over the barrier and gets undressed. and comes back
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buck naked. richard: gonzalez flores continues walking around naked. he actually jumps on top of a truck at one point and starts hitting the top of it with a cutting tool. eventually he runs off in the woods where the police find him. he faces indecent exposure and assault charges. coming up at 6:00, much, much more of the eyewitness accounts. you will hear the radio traffic. what the police are saying while all of this is unfolding. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: i'm michelle marsh at the abc7 life desk. developing on the hill tonight, the framework for a final g.o.p. tax plan. here is what we know so far. president said 21% corporate tax rate is okay. that is down from 35%. before negotiations he said 20% was the red line. the top income tax rate for the highest salary would drop from 40% to 37%. there are reports the stand
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would be $750,000. point out the details are hard to come by for now as this is a tentative deal between the house and the senate. news of the deal coming hours after the senate minority leader chuck schumer called on republicans to hold off on the tax bill. we will have much more on this as a vote nears. that is the latest from the "live desk." i'm michelle marsh, back to you. [cheers & applause] alison: that is doug jones supporters going absolutely wild at a bar in mobile. parties exploded into cheers across alabama when networks started calling the race for the democrats. jones is the first democrat sent to the senate from alabama in 25 years. but as lana zak reports from montgomery, republican roy moore is not giving up. lana: good afternoon,
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democrat doug jones may have won the victory last night but it could be two weeks before he is sworn into office assuming there isn't a recount. democrats and republicans in washington are already starting to make their plans. in alabama, democrat doug jones is celebrating his unlikely victory. >> the people of alabama have spoken. lana: jones is the first democrat in 25 years to be elected to the senate from alabama. besting republican roy moore who remained defiant last night not yet conceding his loss. >> realize when the vote is this close it's not over. lana: moore's campaign beset by multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault of two teenagers. he has denied the allegations but the campaign saw a boost by the female voters, especially those with young children. many political watchers saw in this campaign a flawed republican candidate but a greater referendum on president trump and the republic can majority. >> congress is of
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democrats will have a shot to take over the senate. lana: chuck schumer called on republicans today to hold off on a vote on the tax bill until jones is sworn in. >> it would be wrong for senate republicans to jam through this tax bill without giving the newly elected senator from alabama the opportunity to cast his vote. lana: but the president who congratulated jones on the victory to push forward as soon as possible. >> i will tell you that to me it is very, very, it's very important to get this vote. >> moore still isn't talking about conceding today. but republicans here in alabama say they believe that this race is over. when jones is seated in the senate, democrats will control 49 seats, republicans 51. given the razor thin margins we have already seen in congress, that may tip the balance of power. lana zak, abc7
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was one of the hottest topics on the hill. they were asking those in congress about the race. and wisconsin ron johnson had a simple answer from what happened. >> alabamans didn't want him dating 14-year-old girls. >> is this a referendum on steve bannon. >> alabama didn't want someone that dated 14-year-old girls. voters didn't want a guy who did that. lindsey mastis with the fallout on twitter. it was a buzz online. lindsey: absolutely abuzz! before i show you what the senators are saying, i want to recognize this. twitter is pointing out the #blackwomen saying a lot of people credit black women for helping doug jones defeat roy moore. now on the senate side, take a look here. here is cory booker, selfie with doug jones. he i
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saying let's savor the victory and then get back to work. in fact, a lot of democrats are focusing on what needs to happen next. a lot of people in the senate. chris van hollen saying we should be ready to make some noise if mcconnell doesn't seat jones before we vote on tax reform. alabamaens deserved to have their voices fully heard. on the republican side, you will remember jeff flake giving to jones campaign. once the results came in he wrote "decency wins." then ohio governor john kasich saying thankfully today enough republicans chose country over party. president trump is tweeting as well. saying the reason i originally endorsed luther strange is i said roy moore will not be able to win the general election. of course, he is congratulating doug jones as well. back to you. nancy: all right.
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anderson cooper's twitter account was hacked according to cnn. calling the president a, "tool" and pathetic loser. the tweet came following doug jones win in the alabama senate election. cooper says he woke up to find out someone got into his account. alison: okay. al franken announced he will be stepping down amid sexual misconduct claims. the replacement is the lieutenant governor tina smith. the state's governor, democrat, gets to pick who fills a vacated seat. jonathan: chuck schumer fighting sexual harassment claims that were forged documents. he turned them over to police and is threatening to sue. >> phony allegation forged from start to finish. we are pursuing every legal task to those who might have broken the law to be prosecuted for it. >> it's called an attempt to dupe the reporters to file sexual harassment claims against the senate minority
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nancy: omarosa manigault newman is leaving the white house. she rose to fame on con tess tant on "apprentice" and was one of the more prominent african-american supporters of president trump. alison: developing at this hour, is a group of suspect responsible for seven burglaries in northwest washington? this is the video they want you to see. a smash-and-grab burglaries early this morning. this was in the 1300 block. police believe they could be behind similar burglaries of cell phone stores, gruelry store, a clothing store. all of them this month. we will have a live report on the search for the guys coming up at 5:00. jonathan: coming up for user at 4:00, the so-called man flu is real. you're laughing. why men's complaints about a cold being worse are valid. or may be valid. alison: plus, a teacher suspended in the ohio after this takedown of a student. it's not his first violent confrontation. criminal past revealed coming
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alison: well, metro could use another crossing to ease traffic in the rosslyn tunnel. the blue, orange, silver line trains all converge to go downtown. now metro could be ready to devote millions to study this. stephen tschida is covering metro with a first look. stephen? stephen: yeah, this is a
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look at this idea. but this is a bold idea. turning rosslyn here to rosslyn one. that means there is the possibility that would be a rosslyn two. three metro lines, one station. the perfect confluence for the chronic congestion. >> the trains get so crowded. all the people have to get here. they are having to like swap lines. i feel like it would solve a bunch of issues. >> metro is proposing to look at building a second rosslyn metro station. rosslyn two would be close by. just a short stroll to a tunnel to get there. rosslyn two would serve blue line trains only. just for the blue line as well. the aim is expand the metro service in virginia and the district. in the process, alleviate congestion. the plan also sames to
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increase in ridership. >> curious to know in a deficit how they would pay for that but an interesting idea. stephen: 15 minutes i got an e-mail saying from metro at this time the focus is on improving the existing system. jonathan: thanks. must see video of a drunk driver police say was drunk, clarely. they pull up to help the guy and he slams in the car. he hits the firefighter. off to the races. so the police give chase. one time they did a pit maneuver and done perfectly. except the guy takes off. see you later. flips the bird going by. really. finally they blow out tires and do it again. now we have it pinned and we have blurred it because is giving them a signal of i'm not happy
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jail. no explanation for why he did that. nancy: quite the adventure. in ohio, a teacher caught on camera wrapping his arms around the neck and they are slamming him to the floor. this is not clear what started it but the teacher is now suspended and he has faced disciplinary problems before his teaching license was suspended for two months in 2015 after a domestic violence conviction. jonathan: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. apple is making a big investment in a u.s. company to supply one of the parts for the iphone 10. fin star makes lasers used for the facial recognition. the $390 million investment will open a manufacturing plant outside of dallas to create more than 500 jobs. nancy: you may soon get packages from target delivered on the same day you place an order. the retailer is buying chip a grocery delivery service for $550 million. this is a mauve to catch up with amazon. there is a catch. you ha
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their app or website and pay the annual fee of $99. jonathan: be careful how you say that one. nancy: i try to emphasize. jonathan: delicate. "7 on your side" health matters this afternoon. canadian researcher says the man flu is real. go ahead, laugh, alison. alison: we know. jonathan: many respiratory diseases cause complications more often in men than women. see! according to a study in a medical journal. she has been laughing the whole time. on top of that woman's immune system may be stronger. alison: hmm-mm. jonathan: other scientists aren't ready to agree but every woman i sit next to here, they agree. bill: right. jonathan: they think it's nonsense. really? stop whining. nancy: it seems like the world has ended. jonathan: if your husband got it, you say suck it up butter cup. alison: i don't like the study because it makes it worse. it's like giving them evidence. jonathan: license to be that way. bill: by "them" who do y
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refer to? alison: you men. jonathan: the man flu. i thought it was a person flu. everybody gets it. nancy: everyone does this time of year. jonathan: we just whine more. nancy: yeah. bill: it's a nice life to do that now. i want to start you out. this is at the maryland/west virginia line. it's beginning to look like christmas. nancy: wow! bill: it's been looking like that. if you are traveling there are parts of the area that look like this. traffic is moving okay. which is nice. cold temperatures. then you get snow. we may get some of that here in our area in terms of the district. we will show you that in a moment. talk about what is going on out there temperature wise. it's a quiet evening out right now. relative where it has been just cold. winds are down, 5 to 15. versus the 20 to 30 like yesterday. reagan national currently at 35 degrees. feels cooler than that when you talk about the wind chill factor. all below freezing but warmer than a single digits. a couple down there in zero and minus tempera
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33 at andrews. 29 at hagerstown. 32 around cumberland. with that said it's warmer than this morning but we are talking about the wind chills in the 20's. the normal highs are in the upper 40's. so you need to layer up if you are heading out tonight. it's the holidays. i'm sure a lot of you are going out. we have our own josh knight out in georgetown. what is the general consensus? most folks bundled up out there that you see? >> bundled up. you see them run by in shorts and hats. >> it's 36. the wind is light and it feels like 36.
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>> it's cold but not terrible. the other things these clouds might do is get in the way of the meteor shower. one of the best meteor showers all year. hoping to get chance before the cloud move in and may be early tomorrow morning. >> the cloud are moving across. this is where it looks like for the snow. that is where it is. that is heading this direction. run through the hour-by-hour forecast. we will start it here.
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this is at 9:00. the blue that is around the d.c. metro. the farther north you are, the greater the chance will be for you to to pick up the snowshowers. because it's so cold out there we could see light accumulations. i would be surprised if many of you pick up more than an inch of snow. it's enough to go through. 11:00, we still have clouds. there are breaks tonight and tomorrow morning. it is possible you could see the meteor showers but i don't call it lightly. the sunshine and clouds. in is upper 30's to 40's tomorrow.
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the greatest chance to pick up something. in the form of rain and not snow. alison: two attorneys hanging a noose on a building but a judge questions if it's a hate crime. that is at the bottom of the hour. >> catch the new "star wars" movie and drink a cocktail inspired by the film franchise. i'm kevin lewis with details ahead. jonathan: check this out in l.a. lines are forming outside of theaters.
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alison: if you are a fan of the series you already know that the latest movie hits the theaters in 27 hours. jonathan: we know the theaters are booked as far as people waiting in line. kevin lewis show us how they are gearing up for big crowds tomorrow and through the weekend. kevin: this is the ninth "star wars" movie recognized as the real return for luke skywalker. and the somber farewell to carrie fisher. last december fisher died following a cardiac episode on a flight from london to l.a. dozens of the local theaters
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the ipick theaters in north bethesda which has the first showing tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. majority of the screens are dedicated to the film. online ticket sales have been strong. here is a seating chart for tomorrow's 7:30 showing. the only open seat in the neck ache inducing front row. there is also a galactic menu. there is a coz mow cake and a $13 rum cocktail named "the dichotomy." >> i will see it. i watched all the movies since i was a kid. the first movie came out in 1977. i have caught them all in the theaters. i don't want to break the chain now. >> i'm excited and i am probably going to see it. are all my friends. at the same time, after the last few i have been kind of disillusioned i guess. it seems like the same story over and over again but with
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recognizable characters. kevin: a pop-up "star wars" bar opened last month along the h street corridor in northeast. it, too, bracing for big business over the next few days. in bethesda, i'm kevin lewis. abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a couple of teens hanging a noose on a school building. but a judge in maryland says it might not constitute a hate crime. the reason coming up next. plus, fewer people use taxi cabs at the airport. now the airport authority is slowly taking them away. i'm sam sweeney. full
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announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. nancy: that breaking news from capitol heights where police found what could be human remains in a wooded area behind a church. this is along sheriff road. you can see first responders there. police are calling this a death investigation now while they work to confirm if they are in fact human remains. we will continue to follow the story. jonathan: there is a question tonight when is a crime a hate crime. michelle: two teens accused of hanging nooses at a maryland school. to many it may sound like a hate crime. nancy: but a judge says not so
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judge's thinking. brad: in may, security cameras caught two teens hanging a noose outside a classroom window at the middle school. civil rights activist said there should be no confusion as to the meaning and the motive. >> it's become the symbol that represents hate. brad: the incident prompted outrage and inspired this event to send a different message. one of the teens. 19-year-old connor pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor hate crime. the other teen pleaded not guilty. the trial this week in anne arundel circuit court, the judge found him guilty of trespassing but said he was not ready to rule on the hate crime. because he said maryland law defines a hate crime as something directed at a person not an entire school community as charged. he is struggling with the distinction. >> i think the judge is oo
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do what is right in the case, to find the defendant guilty. brad: but the judge said it is an issue. the legislature should take up because what happened should be a crime. the defense attorney who is not involved in the case agrees with the judge. >> it's obviously, reading of the law, you do have to have a certain person or a specific group not just an entire community. i think the judge was right. >> the judge has now given the defense and the prosecution 14 days to make written arguments. after that, he will decide if the hanging of the noose was a hate crime. in annapolis, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: all right. to the weather center now to talk to chief meteorologist bill kelly. you look at that picture and say where is it, when does it get here? bill: it's different than when we look at it in the last 15 minutes. jonathan: a lot more snow. bill: this is at the west virginia-maryland line. at the line and east of
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jonathan: tell me it is moving north? bill: moving this way. i don't expect it to look like that in our region but we are talking about the potential of the snow in the everything hours. here is what it looks like outside now at the national harbor. clouds. it's warmer than it was. we are still way down there, 35. normal high this time of year would be in the upper 40's to 50. it feels like 27. warmer than it was this morning but a chilly evening if you are heading out this evening. the current temperatures around the region. 35 there at d.c. 33 in reston. the temperatures are generally mid-to-low 30's. wind chills chills in the 20's. for the rest of the night we will drop the temperatures a little bit. they will hang in the mid-30's range because the clouds are moving through. that will attack the numbers. we will watch for seven to ten and the potential of the snowshowers to work in the area. not a ton expected here. we are talking a quarter inch, possibly a half an
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the ground is cold. i? snow flake will stick to the ground. shouldn't be a ton. it's something to watch for the evening. i don't expect it to look like the picture around the d.c. metro. we are keeping an eye on that. looking ahead for the weekend. rebound and the numbers going above normal. we will have that and more? a few minutes. michelle: scary moments on the way to school. bus stop to pick up the students and the semi truck ran into it and tipped the bus over. nearly 40 students were on board. two were air lifted to the hospital with serious injuries. investigators say the bus had the red flashing lights on but the truck driver didn't notice. jonathan: wow! tough to miss that. call at it sign of the times. today the metropolitan washington airport authorities voted to reduce cabs at the airport. the demand for cabs isn't what it used to be. sam sweeney digging deeper to see how bad it has gotten for the fax xies at the area --
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is this all because of uber and lyft? >> you got it right. the numbers are staggering. the cabs used to wait ten or is a minutes two years ago for a fare. now they wait up to two and a half hours. it's even more difficult to earn a fair wage. >> we spent more time, like 13, 14 hours to make even and waiting for someone to show up. >> he drove his cab and made over $200 but now they all struggle to earn half that. >> now we don't make $100 a day. we have insurance. >> the numbers paint a grimmer picture. at dulles, taxi rides from 2015 dropped 32%. in comparison, uber and lyft are up 70%. at reagan they are up 56%.
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to cut cabs from 720 to 600. >> we have seen the growth of the car share as an option for customers. >> that is big business for airports. reagan charges $4 for uber or lyft pickup. last year the airport took in $10 million in fees. why doesn't omar switch to uber? >> uber drivers don't make money either. corporate is the one making money. uber and lift pick up 15,000 passengers a day at reagan and dulles. most of those rides just a few years ago went to those guys. certainly a sign of the times. i'm sam sweeney, abc7 news. michelle: spirit airlines is booting the c.e.o. he will step down in a year and will be replaced by the company chief financial officer. they have struggled as the legacy carriers adopted the no frill tickets that come
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baggage to beverages. the profits are down 20% this year. nancy: johns hopkins university taking environmental stance against coal. the board of trustees saying they will no longer invest in the companies that produce coal for power or heat. the move made out of concern for the effects on climate change. michelle: winning is nothing new to a local high school. but the three-peat hardly comes to what the coach has endured. >> i wouldn't want to go through it again. through is good that came out of it. >> next up, the battle off the field that makes our coach of the week a champion in more than one way. nancy: driving through the thomas fire, the largest one burning in southern california. more of this video. for the first time in days progress in the fight.
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robert: everyone fields good at westfield. another title bid. does it get old? >> absolutely not. robert: lemons has done it again. another title in the books. now the pressure is on again. >> win the first one that ever
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the second and the third and it took 30 seconds in the first interview someone asked about the fourth one. robert: but it's icing on the cake for a bigger victoriry. victory over cancer. >> i don't want to go through it again but i'm thankful to get through the treatment and be healthy. it makes you reflect on what you have and where you are at and what can be taken away at any time. how important are the players to you in your life? >> well, you know, sometimes i think maybe this is the year i should retire but when i reflect on my life, it's such a huge part of me and to think about what would i do without being a football coach? >> we will get better. >> you read in the paper and go i can't do anything about that.
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that motivates me a lot. robert: with the coach of the week, i'm robert burton. jonathan: amazing. nancy: absolutely. take a look here. this was flooding after hurricane harvey in southeast texas. for the first time climate scientists find a leak between the rain and the change in the climate. ahead. michelle: investigating the russia investigators. the text messages at the center of a new request. a second special prosecutor. we'll explain next.
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jonathan: incredible new video as firefighters driving to the largest of the several wildfires burning in california. if you look closely, you can see it's not just trees there. those are homes or what is left of them as well. the thomas fire is only 25% contained. winds were calm today which helps. but the gusts could pick up tomorrow and friday. this fire has consumed theive theive -- the equivalent of new york city, as far as the size. nancy: the study after hurricane harvey stop short of saying the manmade climate change caused the storm but find a warmer, wetter world tripled the likelihood that
4:47 pm
the huke would have had catastrophic amount of rain. researchers presented the findings at the american geophysical union meeting today in new orleans. michelle: the second highest ranking official at the justice department took center stage on capitol hill facing tough questions about an f.b.i. agent anti-trump text messages and alleged bias in the russia investigation. elizabeth hur has more. >> in hot seat and on the defense. >> special counsel investigation knowledge. >> attorney general rod rosenstein standing firm. robert mueller should not be removed from the russia investigation. >> it's very difficult congressman for anybody to find somebody better qualified for the job. >> grilled by the republicans after the political charged text messages after two former members of the team. abc news reviewing 375 text messages between the f.b.i. agent and the f.b.i.
4:48 pm
candidate trump an idiot and the agent responded "he's awful." when trump was near clinching the nomination, she texted holy expletive. cruz dropped out of the race. it is going to be a clinton-trump race. unbelievable. >> this is not just political opinions but disgusting unaccountable bias. >> recognize anything about donald trump that the majority of the americans weren't also thinking at the same time. >> democrats claim there is no evidence that the political view affected special counsel investigation. and he was removed from mueller's team immediately upon learning of the text messages and paige was only on the team for a brief period. >> we have evidence of inappropriate conduct. we will take action on
4:49 pm
as soon as mueller learned about the issue he took action. >> in the meantime, tone -- attorney general is reviewing the bias allegations. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. nancy: enough to make you send out a letter. four new stamps are printing next year. mr. rogers, astronaut salary ride, the first american -- sally ride, the first american in space and musicians john lennon and lena horn will get stamps as well as the state of illinois celebrating 200 years as a state. jonathan: cool. the rock 'n' roll hall of fame class of 2018 announced and among the next honoree is bon jovi. the cars, dire straits, moody blues, nina simone. the induction ceremony is this coming april and it's always a great show. larry is at the "live desk" for what is coming up at
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postal worker imposter. the thief caught on camera plucking packages from porches. rash of the corporation robberies in the district and the police believe they are all connected. a hoax involving the redskins. those stories at 5:00. when allison and i see you in a few minutes. michelle: thank you. "7 on your side" consumer alert. there is a recall for the same problem in the cars and half a million have the brake lights that may not turn off after releasing the pedal. the recall covers hyundai alantras and the forte from 2012 through 2014. there have been no injuries reported. nancy: toys for tots. first lady melania trump helping to sort and pack gifts going to children. there she is helping out the marines at the joint base anacostia. nancy: in prince
4:51 pm
county the police station gym is absolutely packed with the toys and so much more are arriving. good problem to have. the best part comes saturday. the police officers will get to play santa for a day. jonathan: today is the last day to present the abc7 toys for tots drive. just go to to donate. easy to do. if you order today, it will arrive at the studios in time for the marines to come by and pick it all up to get it to the kids. nancy: just in time for the holidays it feels like we are in the midst of winter at this point. bill: like the heart of winter. jonathan: chilly. bill: santa might not show up if it stays like this. nancy: don't say that to the kids out there! jonathan: take that back! stop, take it back. michelle: holy cow! bill: that was quite the reaction. so much greater than i expected. jonathan: the same reaction every 7-year-old is having out there now. did you hear what the weather guy said,
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bill: i put d.c. in a panic. i take it back. santa will be here on the 24th, that night. jonathan: the sleigh lands better in the snow. bill: you are passionate about that. very passionate. yeah. we don't mess with santa. a cold start. we got to the 23 degrees officially at the reagan national. dulles at 20 degrees. b.w.i. marshall down to 20. the lowest wind chill readings were in the single digits and pushing the zero degree mark for dulles, b.w.i., baltimore. the wind gusts up to the 30 to the 45 miles per hour range. on the windy side. it's 33, below freezing in frederick. the wind chill factors are well down again. feeling like 20 in frederick. baltimore is 22. 26 is the fields like temperature in luray. we are watching the snowshowers work in our region around the
4:53 pm
snow around the maryland vest was line. bigger picture shows a little bit more to the northwest. we will be watching that and tracking it on the hour-by-hour forecast. we stop it here at 8:00. we start to pick up some of that from the 66 to the north. that will last to 9:00 or 10:00. farther north you are the better chance of snow will be and the rest of the night it will dry out. snowshowers early. 26 to 32, the overnight forecast. temperatures are not moving much from where they are now. tonight and tomorrow we go to 40, 41. breezy. and then your seven-day outlook, nothing of concern. we rebound numbers by the late weekend and next week. jonathan: holiday season means new toys for the kids. but they are not safe for all ages. coming up next, a simple in-home test to see if a
4:54 pm
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4:57 pm
>> with two sets of twin lisa is a busy mom. >> boys are five and the girls are two. >> when it comes time for holiday shopping she has two different ages looking for. >> the boys are older. more of the smaller pieces. they like the legos and that is tougher for girls because they pick up pieces and put them toward their mouth. >> older kids toys have small parts and it's important to keep it away from the younger children. >> the senior vice president of the safety affairs says the age awareness is the biggest thing the shoppers need to pay attention to. >> to see if it's too small get a toilet paper roll. if it fits easily inside it's too small for kids 3 and younger. you can buy them for the older kids but keep them away from the ung youer ones. >> you see it will be marked. by law it has to be
4:58 pm
with the small parts. >> there are parts they have to meet. but the consumers should inspect the toys themselves. if you are ordering online you will also want to be careful where you are ordering from. >> read the online reviews. look for the safety guidelines and pay attention to recalls. so if there is an issue catch it quickly. >> they are doing their job and testing the toys and make sure you and your kids are safe. >> for inclaire cares, joy lambert. announcer: at "abc7 news at 5:00" --
4:59 pm
of naked road rage. from a woman caught in the middle of it all. what is in the name? redskins get punced by an elaborate hoax. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. >> at this hour, a weather alert. >> how long is the cold snap sticking around? >> it's not a ton. it's out of here quickly in terms of the really deep cold like 23 this morning in d.c. 19 in winchester. but it is cold. wind chills are down to single digits. it's 9 at
5:00 pm
it is still cold out there. but the numbers are going up. we are not going to have another morning tomorrow where we are in the zero to the 10 degree range with the wind chill factor. 32 is the temperature in manassas. 32 in winchester. the snow possibility, snowing along west virginia and 68. this is starting to enter our area where 66 meets 81. it will continue to push to the west. a quick moving weather system. not expecting much. if anything half an inch here and there. notice the numbers are in the mid-30's. we don't drop a lot. the clouds come in to hold the temperatures. the numbers are cold enough. we don't need to go lower than that. we keep an eye on it and talk about the weekend in a little bit. we want to you can the about how chilly it was this morning. brianne carter is live and she got to talk to people this morning to see how they were doing. how are


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